Bottles to Backpacks: The Gypsy Mama’s Guide to REAL Travel With Kids

Gypsy Mama's Guide to Real Travel with Kids

Do you dream of a ’round the world trip with your kids?

Would you like to spend a few months in the museums of Europe?

Or riding camels in the Sahara?

Perhaps you’re just looking for help surviving that two week trip to Grandma’s over the holidays.

No matter what kind of travel you’re planning, the Gypsy Mamas can help! From new babies through a teenager’s first solo trip, we’ll give you the tools and the confidence to take the plunge and explore the great big world, with your kids!

What People Are Saying:

Love, love, love this guide. This is ‘what I wish I’d known’ when I’d started traveling with my children. Instead I had to learn at the school of hard knocks. Save yourself the pain – get this guide.

Rachel Denning– Discover, Share, Inspire

I am so impressed with your book!  It is really fabulous and and I feel it covers the information that your readers are truly seeking. As a full time traveling family, I can say it really ‘hits the target’ and it’s a must have resource for anyone looking to embark on a long term adventure with children.

Kimberly Travaglino– Full Time Families

I wish I had read this book years before. Congratulations, it’s a great book, it will  help so many people, not just the ones with fear of traveling, but the travelers can get great new ideas on it too. Your book might inspire parents not only to travel, but to educate properly their children.
It’s so complete, so full of practical ideas and I’m sure, whatever someone might not find there, they know what to look for in other resources, whether it’s about travel or about child rearing.

I love how you emphasize that the younger a child is taken traveling, the easier and more used to it she’ll become naturally especially talking about how the childʼs brain works.

I also loved the practice at home instructions with the fun games that can be used for order and safety later on the road. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a nice game and it’s good to have like a blueprint of games that work with other kids.

Marilia Di Cesare

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