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Everyone enjoys taking a good vacation with their kids. However, vacationers who think outside the box always look forward to activities that are unique, enjoyable and, most of all, memorable. Of course, you can have a bucket of fun without emptying your pocketbook. And, yes, this is possible while vacationing with your kids in New York. It is simply a matter of finding out beforehand what places are available and deciding what to do once you get there. When the kids know what to expect, they will be ready for adventurous times that call for little or no spending and you can start with a reasonably priced New York City Hotel there are a few that are family friendly on such as the Royal Park Hotel. To get you started here are five children’s activities that can last a lifetime.

A Thousand-Word Friendship

Naturally, children are very sociable creatures. They also enjoy outdoor activities like playground fun. Once they arrive at the site, unlike many adults, they join in the playtime and share smiles and laughter with their newly-found friends. The idea is to take them to a playground such as Bleecker, Pier 51 or Downing Street. Equipped in advance with their own inexpensive camera, have them take snapshots with their buddies. Once the friendship has been established, with parental consent, they can exchange ways to stay in contact: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Play Dough Liberty-for-All Outing

Few people will go to New York without taking in the view of the Statue of Liberty. Of course, a long wait is usually unavoidable. The waiting time is a great opportunity for the kids to enjoy an cheap sit-down picnic at a nearby playground. While there, they can draw sketches of the statue and surrounding areas. Following the viewing they can re-construct the scene using play dough on hard cardboard.

Hook, Line and Sinker Adventure

Lakes, ponds, rivers and streams are in abundance in New York. So, there is no shortage of fishing opportunities. Instead of getting dressed up and attending an expensive activity, get dressed down, pack a basket and head on out to catch your choice of coldwater, saltwater or warmwater fish of all kinds. Recreational fishing is a memorable time for kids when they have their own equipment and are allowed to experiment for themselves. Children under age sixteen do not need a fishing license.

Sunrise and Sunset Watch

New York sunrise and sunset are gorgeous and fascinating. Watching them is a free activity that the kids will enjoy. Not only will they bask in the glow of the suns’ magnificent radiance, but it will broaden their perspective of nature. Wherever and whenever they behold another similar sight, they will be able to compare and contrast. With their personal inexpensive cameras, they can capture the sun’s brilliance in print.

Tree Rubbing – The Central Park Highlight

Visiting Central Park is one of the main highlights of vacationing in New York. Prior to taking a trip to this historical location, the kids should be taught how to do a tree rubbing. During their walk, let them select a tree of their choice to do the rub. To conclude this fabulous experience of nature, they can frame the finished product to keep as a souvenir.

When it comes to kids having fun, even if it’s on a budget, it does not take much to please them. Likewise, when taking them on vacation to New York, it does not have to take too much money either. As long as the activities are kids-appropriate, they will love the experience. The important thing is to plan in advance. The preparation will pay off because they will have the tools needed for the individual experiences that will last them for years to come.


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  1. There are lots of great things to do in NYC. Times Square has become very family friendly, and there is alot you can do for free, like go to toys r us and ride the ferrywheel, or sample free treats at the hershy store.