Frequent Contributers

Laura Ruhana Combs

is an environmental planning consultant turned healing foods lover after recovering herself from dangerous physical ailments and helping her husband heal from ADD and her son from debilitating seasonal allergies.

Laura knows that the body wants to live vibrantly if given the chance, and healing foods are the foundation. Through workshops, one-on-one sessions, shopping trips, individual cooking classes, and phone consultations, Laura helps people implement the delicious, decadent, healing foods plans of their choice.

To learn more about Laura’s journey and access her healing food resources, visit or email

Abigail Green

is the happy mama of our cloth diapered son Ezra, and smitten wife of my musician husband Ryan. She lives part of the year touring the United States in our big green conversion van making music, and the other portion of the year at home in sunny Tucson, AZ.

Her passions include green living, making things by hand, music and her family!

Check out her husband’s AWESOME band Ryanhood and her Etsy store Little House Creations (she makes reusable sandwich bags that we would NOT be without, on any continent!)

Keri Wellman

Writer, runner, gluten-free cook, solar-powered wife and roadschooling mama of four fantastic young gypsies, Keri enjoys exploring Europe from her home base in rural Germany.

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